Technology influences the way we play, socialise, connect, and most importantly it can make our lives so much easier.

As more technology becomes available to us it is clear that being tech-savvy can simplify our daily lives. To be tech-savvy is to be smart with technology. It is no longer about being able to send messages or reboot your computer. It means that you are able to be more productive and efficient due to the use of technology.

Here are a few ways the Maru A Jozi ( online portal could simplify your life:

  • You are now able to contact and see your friends and relatives around the world using video chat. The Maru A Jozi zero-rated (unlimited) portal allows you to make free video calls using Skype, WhatsApp or Facebook.
  • Searching for things or places is so much easier when using the Maru A Jozi Bing or Google maps.
  • The Maru A Jozi portal can also provide you with links to the Rea Vaya, Metrobus, Metrorail and the Gautrain route maps and schedules.
  • Using online banking apps will save you time and money. The Maru A Jozi portal provides user’s free and secure access to all of South Africa’s banking service providers.

You could become a tech savvy Joburg resident by attending a training session from one of our Jozi Digital Ambassadors. They will teach you how to connect to the City of Joburg’s free WiFi and give you a crash course on how to use the Maru A Jozi online services available for you to use.