1. Paving the way forward in technological integration
    Not everyone can afford 3G and 4G connectivity. The University of Johannesburg and the City of Joburg’s initiative to bridge the digital divide has provided all of jozi residents the opportunity to benefit from having internet access. Find a hotspot near you can you could additional be trained by a Jozi Digital Ambassador on how to connect and utilise their online services, http://digitalambassadors.org.za/find-wifi-hotspot-near/
  2. WiFi on the go
    Students, GOGO’s and everyone in-between can benefit largely from using the City of Joburg’s free Wi-Fi. You can easily refer to your emails, e-books or online learning methods while on the go. The cities free WiFi is available at 9 Rea Vaya Bus stations. You can enjoy a productive commute at the following stations: Orlando Stadium, Orlando Police Station, Soccer City, Noordgesig, Joburg Theatre, Park Station, Joburg Art Gallery, Carlton Centre and the Fashion Square.
  3. Save money
    One look at the internet tariff plans of private telecoms and you know you have to limit your data usage.  If you switch to the cities free WiFi you will have access to 300 MB per day, that is equivalent to 9 Gig’s of data a month and if you used the Maru A Jozi (cloud) portal you will have unlimited access to many online services.
  4. Longer Battery Life
    Battery life is extremely important for smartphones. Without battery power you will not be able to connect to the Internet or use certain functions such as the camera flash. Did you know that using Wi-Fi to connect to the Internet drains less battery life than using a mobile network? So #Turnoffyourdata and turn on the City of Joburg’s FREE WiFi to start reaping the rewards.