The Jozi Digital Ambassadors programme utilises a unique model where technology links city service delivery to unemployed youth.

The city contracts unemployed youth as Jozi Digital Ambassadors to train residents to become smart citizens by teaching them how to connect to the city’s free WiFi and make use of the Maru A Jozi portal. Through the Maru A Jozi portal the city is helping those with little experience about the internet to have access to a world of information at free WiFi hotspots. Our Jozi Digital Ambassadors have trained more than 250 000 internet-deprived users on how to navigate the mobile web and use WiFi to improve their lives.

The City of Johannesburg’s investment in 1 100km of broadband and fibre-optic cables has made a huge impact in community development and transformed Jozi into a smart city. Already a bulk of service delivery in the city is based on the invested infrastructure: such as e-health services, access to post school education, smart meters for water and power and free WiFi at designated hotspots.